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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lights in Milton Keynes

We install and maintain Emergency Lights in Milton Keynes and surrounding area’s.

Emergency Lighting provides immediate illumination when the power is cut to your lighting circuit.

Emergency Lighting illuminates your building making sure any occupants can leave safely.

There are two main types of Emergency Lighting Systems.

These are :

  • Emergency Escape Route Lighting
  • Standby Emergency Lighting

Emergency Escape Route Lighting Illuminates the exits of the building.

Standby Emergency Lighting allows everyday activities to carry on if there is power failure in your mains electricity supply.

There are then two types of Emergency Light.

  • Maintained
  • Non Maintained

Maintained Emergency Lights are permanently on and lit and will continue to operate when power has failed.

Non Maintained Emergency Lights are normally off but will switch on during a power failure and will illuminate the exit route of the building.


Our Engineers Install and Maintain Emergency Lighting Systems and Emergency Lights that consist of

  • Bulkhead Type Emergency Light.
  • Box Type Emergency Light.
  • Twin Spot Emergency Light.
  • Addressable Emergency Light System.
  • Decorative Emergency Lights.

We also supply a range of LED Emergency Lights.

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